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Wharf Transport Wharf Transport

Our wharf services are perfect for any cargo that is too heavy or bulky to fit into a regular container.

Whether it’s industrial equipment, military equipment, or any other form of oversized or overweight cargo, our wharf cartage operations will have a solution for you.

We can service wharf logistics across Australia and offer competitive prices for wharf-to-door transport needs. We provide our customers with a single point of contact and will provide you with a customised service based on your specifications.

At MYC, we are determined to find affordable and flexible solutions and have an above-and-beyond dedication to customer service.

Want to know more about our wharf transport services?

What types of cargo are included in your wharf transport services?

As part of our wharf transport services, we can ship:

  • Perishable and general freight
  • Special projects or dangerous goods
  • Every aspect of port handling and inland
  • transportation
  • Bulk transport, and
  • Wharf-to-door deliveries