Logistics Trends

June 14, 2018

In any industry there is bound to be trends and advancements in technology, and logistics is no exception. With the internet connecting brands to customers both nationally and internationally, expectations are high. Consumers now expect their delivery to arrive at record speeds, regardless of where in the world their items were ordered from.

This attitude has filtered down to businesses and logistics companies have had to find ways to accommodate a fast paced shopping environment, without sacrificing quality and safety of goods. Modern Freight Forwarders are embracing the latest technologies and industry advancements to ensure they deliver a seamless, quality service for their customers.

Here are just a few logistics innovations that are re-shaping the industry.

Automation and Technology

Technology has led to a new wave of automation, and it isn’t just fanciful robot manufacturers who are reaping the benefits. Logistics companies have embraced this trend which has resulted in new business opportunities and opened doors throughout the world. Gone are the days of long telephone conversations and handwritten notes, as online platforms and applications have allowed data to be transferred instantly.

Real time reporting
Real time reporting has become the norm, but technology has gone one step further. Reliability has improved and now fuel management and faults in vessels can be automatically detected and reported.

Route Adjustment
Routes can be adjusted mid journey, depending on the results of instant analysis of threats or potential delays. This type of reporting is achievable with automated vehicle location technology, which is an advanced form of GPS which can be integrated into an entire fleet.

Team Coordination
All members of the team can now communicate in an instant, and software based management systems have enabled safe coordination. Drivers, dispatchers and call centres can work together regardless of location. These advancements in the way information is handled has led to a more efficient delivery service.

Flexible Delivery

Delivery options are becoming more flexible, with different transport options available. With the help of a freight forwarding service, any transportation modes including sea, air and road can be customised, and multiple options can be combined seamlessly. There is a strong focus on fast delivery at a lower cost.

Energy Efficient
Transportation methods are becoming increasingly energy efficient, and this is a priority for many operators. Electric Vehicles such as Tesla’s new Semi Truck and UPS’ fleet of modular electric delivery vehicles currently trialling in London and Paris are one form, as are advancements in cleaner running diesel fuels. This all equates to a reduction of emissions, and when a company uses less fuel this affects their bottom line. Additionally, improvements in technology has allowed new vehicles to travel further and carry more.

Risk Reduction
This added flexibility for business owners is changing the way their goods are shipped and where they are dropped, offering more choice and a reduction of risk. Potential risks include theft, loss, or delays of goods, and an overhaul of security procedures has significantly reduced this. Technology has made it easier to monitor and manage third party providers, and the ability to redirect shipments has allowed customers to choose the safest location for collection.

Detailed Tracking

Another trend that we have seen in logistics recently is the advancement of optimisation in tracking.

Internet of Things
Real time tracking will mean shipments can be tracked anytime, anywhere and soon we will see this technology used for individual items. This intelligent tracking can be combined with the ability to check warehouse capacity and detect and analyse any events. Intervention strategies can be implemented earlier as required, making the process a smoother one.

Detailed, up to date tracking is vital in preventing loss of shipments, particularly when importing and exporting internationally. Many of these measures eliminate the barriers that can occur from time differences and ensure shipments of all shapes and sizes arrive at their destination safely and quickly. The opportunity for bespoke custom reporting is now available, enabling customers to have access to as much information as they need.

The goals of companies are evolving, and there is no limit to how far innovation will go. Consider a future where products are manufactured to the exact specifications of the end user. Previously something custom designed would have been a highly expensive and timely process, but with the changes in the technological landscape this will not always be the case. Products will be able to be delivered to the market in faster time, coupled with demands from customers for transparent pricing. While this will pose a huge challenge for the logistics industry, the ability to adapt will be key.

MYC International Logistics have the experience to efficiently forward your freight whether you are importing or exporting. With an approach that is both safety focused and innovative, we use the latest technology to offer you support, reporting and updates every step of the way.

Learn more about our project logistics, or contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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