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Translating the terminology

Every industry has its own lexicon of specialist words and terms. Some are easier to decipher than others. Because we are all about transparency and keeping life simple, we’ve put together a list of frequently used terms and acronyms to help you navigate your way through the Logistics, Freight Forwarding, Import and Export world. This is where you’ll find definitions needed to help you understand getting your cargo to where it needs to be.

Let’s talk transportation

For individuals moving home contents overseas or companies importing or exporting large volumes of cargo a container is a commonly used mode of transportation. Here are some common terms used to describe the type or size of container space required to accommodate your cargo.

LCL: Less than Container Load indicates a shipment that is not large enough to fill a standard container. LCL is often packed and transported in shared containers.
FCL: Full Container Load, a shipment that fills a standard 20′, 40′ or 40’HC shipping container.
LO/LO: Lift On / Lift Off Cargo is not packed into a container for transportation. Instead, it’s lifted on and off a vessel by crane at the point of origin and destination.
RO/RO: Roll On / Roll Off cargo is either driven or wheeled on and off vessels. Wheeled cargo is predominantly vehicles, motorbikes, trailers or caravans.

Sea Freight

The most commonly used mode of transportation for large, heavy or high-volume cargo.
Direct Service: A quicker, more direct transit from Port of Origin to Port of Destination. One vessel is used from Port of Origin to Port of Destination.
Door to Door: Freight is collected from anywhere in the world and delivered to the address of your choice.
Port to Door: Cargo is collected from any International Shipping Port to any address in Australia. We will organise to have your cargo shipped to your warehouse or even to your front door.
Flat Rack: Flat Rack Containers are specialised containers used to transport cargo larger than the dimensions available in general purpose and open top containers. They consist of a flat bed with fixed or collapsible ends.
Break Bulk: Break Bulk Cargo or general cargo are goods are loaded individually onto general cargo ships. Break bulk cargo is transported in bags, boxes, crates, drums, or barrels.

Air Freight

Need to get it there fast, fresh or urgently, air freight is popular for light weight parcels or perishable goods.
Airport to Airport: Airport to Airport when your cargo is picked from any International Airport and delivered to the Australian Airport of your choice.
Airport to Door: A convenient service where your cargo is collected from any International Airport to and delivered to any address in Australia.
Door to Door: Our ultimate in end to end service, we can collect your freight from your suppliers warehouse anywhere in the world and delivered to the address of your choice.
Customs Clearance: We take care of customs clearance and transportation to your warehouse once your shipment has arrived and the Customs and Quarantine formalities are complete.

The MYC International Logistics difference

Our customers don’t need to worry about the logistics and language, because we have founded our business model on our streamlined processes, specialist documentation, attention to detail and fast and efficient service. Our practical, no nonsense approach to business means that we support our customers with an uncomplicated and seamless delivery service. Call us on (08) 9253 0121 to discuss how we can assist you.

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