How a Customs Broker will help your business

November 30, 2016

According the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) Australia’s two-way trade in goods and services was worth nearly $670 billion in 2015 and is a vital component of Australia’s economic prosperity. While the majority of this trade is in commodities, billions of dollars’ worth of items we use every day are imported or exported each year. To properly facilitate this trade in Australia, certain governing bodies and agents are appointed to oversee things. A customs broker is one of them.

Role of the Customs Broker
The role of a Customs Broker is to facilitate the import and export of shipments through international customs. They deal with the complicated requirements and complex procedures that are involved both here and overseas. A Customs Broker’s job is to be across any changes to government policy and regulation and to provide expert advice on compliance issues.

What can a Customs Broker do for my business?
An experienced Customs Broker can organise quarantine inspections and customs clearance for any imports or exports, from small consignments to full container loads. They also assist clients to Customs clear any quantity of commercial goods or personal effects, seamlessly and efficiently. They have the software to handle the co-ordination of multiple agency involvement, such as Australian Quarantine (AQIS) and Australian Customs, this ensures that goods are compliant, cleared promptly and delivered on time.

Save time and money
Using an experienced Customs Broker to handle the paperwork, calculate tariffs, and administer other customs matters makes good economic sense. Generally a Customs Broker will manage all aspects of the transaction and liaise with the importer, the exporter and governmental authorities, leaving you and your employees to focus on the things you do best – run your business.

Choosing a Customs Broker
Working with an experienced Broker can add value to your importing or exporting operations. Choose a Customs Broker with experience in your specific market or industry who has a presence at your local port and outreach to your markets.

As with any business decision, you need to choose wisely and choose a broker who you can work with and incorporate their skills into your business plan. Do your research – seek unbiased third party opinions and reviews, ask for testimonials from previous clients or even better, check your own networks and get a word of mouth referral.

MYC International Logistics understands the time imperatives associated with importing or exporting perishable items or urgently needed goods. We welcome enquiries from importers, exporters, wholesalers and companies or individuals seeking a one stop shop for competitively priced freight inwards or freight outwards solutions

We know this business inside out and have streamlined the process so that our customers don’t have to worry about complicated forms, customs, quarantine requirements, storage or pick up.

  • Commercial Customs Clearance
  • Identifying and Applying Tariff Concessions
  • Managing Import Permits
  • Handling Quarantine Compliance and Clearances
  • Preparing and Handling all Customs Documentation
  • Personal effects customs clearance

We offer a fully comprehensive door to door service from anywhere in Australia. Call us today on +61 8 9253 0121 to discuss how we can assist you.

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