Choosing a Logistics Company should be more than a quick Google search

June 28, 2017

Choosing a logistics company to partner with your business is something that deserves an informed and considered the decision. After all, the company you select will become an integral part of your supply chain.  It’s important that the company you choose has values and business practices which align with yours – because their performance directly reflects on your business.  Whether you’re importing, exporting or trading within Australia, getting your goods to market quickly, efficiently and affordably is vital. Here are some guidelines to help you to navigate the complex world of logistics.


Does the company have the scale, outreach and experience to deliver the level of service you require?  For importers/exporters, it’s important to know that the company has staff, processes and infrastructure to manage the job efficiently.  A good logistics company will have well established networks, good outreach across Australia and reputable partnerships across the globe. They will have the processes in place to manage the job from start to finish.


In some industries, the implications of a novice error may not be too serious, Logistics is not one of them.  For peace of mind you need to partner with a Logistics company who have experienced personnel, with extensive knowledge of quarantine and customs law and regulations. The last thing you want to hear is that your goods have arrived but have been held up on the wharf because the paperwork hasn’t been completed correctly.


In business, reputation is everything.  So, it almost goes without saying that you need a company which is professional in its approach to business.    Having a nominated person who is responsible for managing your shipping, who is readily contactable can save time and is reassuring. For domestic deliveries, your provider should have a modern well-maintained fleet of delivery vehicles, uniformed staff who can provide proof of delivery as standard. Helpful and courteous drivers are great ambassadors for your business.


Value for money is important because it forms part of your bottom line.  However, beware of selecting your provider based on price alone.   Quite often the cheapest option may have hidden surcharges. Also, it’s important to make sure that you’re not compromising on quality to get the low price.  Talk to your provider upfront and negotiate a fair price for the service you need.


It’s an old-fashioned word, but when you think about it, trust underpins everything we do in business.  Choose a logistics company with a reputation for excellence and the ability to negotiate the best air, sea and road freight rates on your behalf.  Preferably they should have a specialist broker to analyse your requirements and customise a freight forward service that meets your specific needs.  Processes that are streamlined and transparent, and a nominated single point of contact who will look after you throughout the entire process, and who you can contact 7 days a week.

At MYC International Logistics we live and breathe logistics.  Give us a call and find out how we can resolve your logistics requirements with our fast, efficient and affordable service.

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